Okavango Delta

Camp Okavango

A unique and exclusive African safari camp is situated on the remote Nxaragha Island.  This hidden treasure, in the heart of the permanent Okavango Delta, assures its guests of an unparalleled year-round water wilderness experience.
With its open air design and elevated position, the new Camp Okavango is an eco-sensitive lodge which captures the very essence of the Okavango Delta.

Water-based activities are conducted by experienced professional guides who will expertly navigate guests through the many meandering, reed-lined waterways. Roam the vast expanses of water from the comfort of a modern motorboat or explore the intricacies of the Okavango Delta the quiet old-fashioned way, in the traditional mokoro (dugout canoe).

For those wanting to get a little closer to nature, guided bush walks are conducted on a number of the nearby islands, offering an opportunity to track some of the larger land-based species that inhabit this water wilderness.

Price Range: $602 — $1062 per person per night sharing.
Single supplement: $320.00

Open: Year Round


At Shinde, game drives are conducted in specially designed game drive vehicles, with a maximum of four guests per vehicle there is a “window seats guarantee” and individual use of a camera mount For the more adventurous, guided walks are also available while fishing enthusiasts will enjoy fishing for a variety of species such as tilapia and tigerfish.

On the edge of Shinde Lagoon, the camp was rebuilt in 2020, providing a luxury experience with a touch of historical charm – described as “the best of nature within an authentic safari design”. The “treehouse style” main area consists of lounges, dining areas (indoor and outdoor) and a fire deck all with beautiful views over a permanent lagoon and under the shade of ebony and mangosteen trees. Each of the X tents comprises a large bedroom, en-suite bathroom with indoor and outdoor shower. Families are accommodated in a custom built two bedroom shared en-suite bathroom family tent sleeping a maximum of 5 people.

Price Range: $545 — $1220 per person per night sharing.
Single supplement: $360.00

Open: Year Round